Rules of the summer house area of Hesseløje


  1. Driving with and parking of motor vehicles, bicycles and mopeds in the common areas and on the beach is prohibited.
  2. Putting up tents and caravans in the common areas is prohibited (except for playtents however).
  3. Leaving garbage of any kind in the common areas is prohibited. Garden refuse must be taken to a container place or be destroyed/composed at Your property.
  4. Open fire may not be used on common areas.
  5. Boats and dinghies may not be placed in the common areas during the real holiday season.
  6. Max speed on the roads of the summer house area is 30 km/h.
  7. In the summer house area are parking only allowed for the house owners and their guests and as far as possible only on at or in front of Your own property.
  8. In the months of june, july andAugust lawn movers, rotary cultivators and similar noisy garden machines may be used only between 9.00-12.00 and between 14.00-18.00 h
  9. Dispersal of weeds to the adjoining properties may not occur.
  10. Dogs must be led on a string on the roads, paths, and in the common areas.
  11. Tresspassing on adjoining agricultural areas or other areas outside the summer house area is not allowed.
  12. Bathing jetties may not be used as permanent landing stage for boats an dinghies.

Revised in june, 2000